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Proposal Review and SubmissionDot
Process Overview

When DePaul administrators, faculty, or staff prepare grant and contract proposals for external funding, they are acting on behalf of the University. For that reason, all such proposals must pass through a review and submission process established by DePaul. Following is an overview of that process. Step 1 is highly recommended. Steps 2 and 3 are required to ensure timely submission of your proposal.

Step 1 (Highly Recommended):
Contact OSPR as soon as you begin work on a grant or contract proposal by writing to or contacting a member of our pre-award staff.

As soon as you contact us, you will be assigned an OSPR representative, who will discuss with you how OSPR can assist you with proposal preparation. Also, the advance notice will greatly facilitate the review and submission process.

Step 2 (Required):
No less than 5 business days in advance of your proposal submission deadline, complete the Proposal Review Form and submit it electronically to OSPR.

It will be important, at this point, for you to have a rough draft of your proposal narrative and budget to attach to the form. Your OSPR representative will go over the information you have provided on the Proposal Review Form and will send the form out electronically for review and approval as soon as the required information is complete. OSPR will decide what approvals are needed based on the nature of the proposal and established criteria for the selection of approvers. If changes in your proposal are requested by the approvers, OSPR will communicate these to you and will resubmit your proposal for reconsideration as soon as the changes are made.

NOTE: Grant and contract proposals must pass through the review process to be eligible for submission, so it is important that you submit a completed Proposal Review Form to OSPR no less than 5 business days in advance of your proposal submission deadline.

Step 3 (Required):
Complete work on your proposal no later than noon on the business day before it must be mailed out (or electronically submitted) to meet the submission deadline. (For example, if your proposal must be mailed on Tuesday to meet the submission deadline, it must be completed by noon on Monday.)

At this point, the proposal must be in final form, with all sections in place, including attachments such as letters of commitment from external partners. This will enable OSPR staff to conduct a final check of the proposal against the funding agency's guidelines, working with you to make any final changes that are needed; copy the proposal carefully, making sure that all pages have copied correctly and are in order; box the proposal securely; and arrange for a Federal Express pick up from OSPR when needed.

Note: To ensure that your proposal arrives at the funding agency on time, it is important that it be completed by noon on the business day before it must be mailed or electronically submitted.

OSPR will submit the proposal to the funding agency on your behalf. You will receive a complete copy of the proposal from OSPR for your files unless the submission is electronic.


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