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Proposal Review Form

Instructions for Those Submitting Grant or Contract Proposals

To initiate the required university review of your grant or contract proposal, complete the Proposal Review Form on line and submit it electronically to OSPR. Following are the key steps:

Step 1: Access the Form
After clicking on Proposal Review Form above, enter your Campus Connection ID and password to arrive at the Initial Selection Menu.

Step 2: Complete the Proposal Review Inventory
Clicking on Enter New Grant Proposal in the upper left-hand corner of the Selection Menu will take you to the Proposal Review Inventory. Read each of the questions in the inventory carefully, changing the response to Yes where appropriate. Then click Save and Continue at the bottom of the inventory to see a list of those sections that you will need to complete highlighted in red (User's Guide).

Step 3: Complete Each Section Highlighted in Red on the User's Guide
To complete each highlighted section, click on the red heading and then fill in the requested information. Then hit Save and Continue Later if you are not yet finished with the section or Complete if you are done.

Step 4: Submit for Review
After completing all of the highlighted sections, click Submit for Review to send the form on to OSPR.

Instructions for Those Reviewing and Approving Grant and Contract Proposals

If you are approving a proposal, the process will begin with an e-mail from OSPR notifying you that there is a proposal awaiting your review and approval. After opening the e-mail, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Proposal Approval Menu
After clicking on the link embedded in the e-mail notification, enter your ID and password to access the menu.

Step 2: Locate and Open the Proposal Review Form
Proposals requiring your action will appear under Proposals Awaiting Your Review or Proposals Delegated to You for Review. To open the review form, click on the proposal ID or proposal title, highlighted in red.

Step 3: Review Each Highlighted Section of the Form
You will be presented only with those sections completed by the faculty or staff member submitting the proposal. To access each section, click on the red heading and then review the information presented. To move back to the list of headings, click Finish Review Later or Complete Review of This Section. To view the draft narrative and budget of the actual proposal, go to the General Information section and open the attached files located toward the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Act on the Proposal
Once you have completed your review of each section, three approval options will appear under the list of headings along with a comment box and a signature line. You will also have the option to view other approver's comments at this point. To act on the proposal, type in your comments; type your name in the signature line; and then click one of the approval options. Doing this will return you to the Proposal Approval Menu, where you may either log out or begin the review of another proposal.

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